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FastIron router mystery

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FX1600 running layer 3 firmware. I set the router ID to All is OK until I created a VLAN and assigned it a ve addressed to

Now the switch answers at and ignores telnet requests to What's going on here? The command "show IP" still shows the router-id as

some background -- this is a rather complex test lab. We have 64 vlans with ve's addressed to subnets tagged across 1 core and 14 layer-2 edge switches. The IP addresses of the edge switches are all within the subnet of the first vlan ( and they all are accessable at their respective addresses and all of the vlan connectivity is working beautifully The core switch can be reached by telnet at any subnet address assigned to a ve, i.e.,,, etc. but not by telnetting to its router ID.

What do I do with the router-id of the core switch ( I could use the address for another device since the fx-1600 seems to not be using it. But what do I set the router-id to?

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Re: FastIron router mystery

OK. I re-read the manual and now understand that the actual router ID will be the lowest configured IP address on the box. But that still leaves me with the router ID previously set to Some more study (of the manual -- lots of info there but often hard to find) indicates that the "router id" field is the IP address that OSPF and BGP4 would use to identify the router. So I changed the address to the lowest address on the box (the vlan we use for indfrastructure hardware (domain controllers, etc.). I'll re-post if this opens new challenges. If anyone sees any problems with doing this, please let me know!


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