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FastIron SuperX snmpv3 configuration

We are doing some testing with our network devices and snmpv3 using CA Spectrum. When we setup the config on these switches (Foundrys when we got them) we can successfully contact the device with v3 but when we do a GET it doesnt return anything. Even something as basic as sysDescr. It doesnt timeout, it just doesnt return any information. Snmpv2 works fine. Is there something out of the ordinary for these switches in their v3 configuration?

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Re: FastIron SuperX snmpv3 configuration


     First create the SNMP V3 group, then the user and then defind any views that you want.

Defining an SNMP group

SNMP groups map SNMP users to SNMP views. For each SNMP group, you can configure a read

view, a write view, or both. Users who are mapped to a group will use its views for access control.

To configure an SNMP user group, enter a command such as the following.

FastIron(config)#snmp-server group admin v3 auth read all write all

Syntax: snmp-server group <groupname> v1 | v2 | v3 auth | noauth | priv

Defining an SNMP user account

The snmp-server user command does the following:

Creates an SNMP user.

Defines the group to which the user will be associated.

Defines the type of authentication to be used for SNMP access by this user.

Specifies one of the following encryption types used to encrypt the privacy password:

•Data Encryption Standard (DES) – A symmetric-key algorithm that uses a 56-bit key.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – The 128-bit encryption standard adopted by the

U.S. government. This standard is a symmetric cipher algorithm chosen by the National

Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the replacement for DES.

Here is an example of how to create an SNMP User account.

FastIron(config)#snmp-s user bob admin v3 access 2 auth md5 bobmd5 priv des bobdes

The CLI for creating SNMP version 3 users has been updated as follows.

Syntax: snmp-server user <name> <groupname> v3

des <des-password-key> | aes <aes-password-key>]]]

The <name> parameter defines the SNMP user name or security name used to access the

management module.

Defining SNMP views

SNMP views are named groups of MIB objects that can be associated with user accounts to allow

limited access for viewing and modification of SNMP statistics and system configuration. SNMP

views can also be used with other commands that take SNMP views as an argument. SNMP views

reference MIB objects using object names, numbers, wildcards, or a combination of the three. The

numbers represent the hierarchical location of the object in the MIB tree. You can reference

individual objects in the MIB tree or a subset of objects from the MIB tree.

To configure the number of SNMP views available on the Brocade device, enter the following


FastIron(config)#system-max view 15

Syntax: system-max view


This command specifies the maximum number of SNMPv2 and v3 views that can be configured on

a device. The number of views can be from 10 – 65536. The default is 10 views.

To add an SNMP view, enter one of the following commands.

FastIron(config)#snmp-server view Maynes system included

FastIron(config)#snmp-server view Maynes system.2 excluded

FastIron(config)#snmp-server view Maynes 2.3.*.6 included

FastIron(config)#write mem

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Re: FastIron SuperX snmpv3 configuration

I heard back from the tech working them today and that info had the missing piece of the puzzle. Thansk a lot.

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Re: FastIron SuperX snmpv3 configuration

You are welcome Danial

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