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FastIron SX license transfer

Dear all.

I am still trying to figure out

- if it is possible

- and how to perform

a tranfser of a IPv4 or IPv6 L3 software license from one FastIron SX mgmt card to anotherone.

It is the following case:

- I have a existing FSX800 with mgmt card and L3 IPv4/v6 software license installed

- I have a NON-PREM switch code only Mgmt card in the stock

- the Mgmt card in the production FSX fails with a hardwrae fault

- I would now like to replace the failed Mgmt card with the one in my stock

- therefore I need to transfer the L3 IPv4/v6 software license from the defective card to the other one.

Does anybody know, if this is possible and how to perfom this via the Brocade Software License Portal?

Thank you very much and regards


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