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FastIron, NetIron, or ServerIron ADX user guides readers: Survey results announcement

by mnama on ‎08-13-2012 03:16 PM (252 Views)

Technical Publications is pleased to announce the results of the 2011 Technical Publications Survey.
Please refer to the attached PDF.

The 2011 Technical Publications Survey allowed responders to rate the FastIron,
NetIron, and ServerIron ADX installation, configuration, and reference guides
and provide suggestions on how these guides can be improved. The survey also
tried to determine if users of the guides know how to report documentation

One of the requested improvement is to post user guides in HTML format. Technical Publications
is pleased to announce that HTML format of these user guides are now on Go to
and select a product. Scroll down to the bottom of the product page and click
the Documentation link.

HTML format of the document is listed under the Documentation resource area.
PDF is still an option within the HTML page.


HTML offers the ability to search for and find information within the product
documentation and allows for faster downloads (with file sizes in bytes rather
than megabytes). Also, and perhaps most notably, the HTML pages have an in-line
feedback for easy submission of errors or issues on the documentation content.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey.

-Brocade Technical Publications