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FastIron CX 648S Configure mode port security

I'm new to working with Brocade switches and we have almost no documentation on our network setup.

Curently we have 5 stacks of 5 located around the building, they are all FastIron CX 648S running the same FW 07.2.02eT7f3 (I know its old).


I'm trying to turn port security off on certian ports but I can't get into confgiuration mode.


I can access them via web, ssh and telnet




But when I type in enable o try to get to a privilaged mode, where I THINK I need to be, i get anoher password prompt.


login as: XXXX
tpg@'s password:

We don't have/know tthis password, is it possible to reset this password from ssh/web, or can I gain access another way w/o blowing out the whole configuration?

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