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FastIron 6720 and MCT

I am trying to determine whether two FastIron 6720 switches can operate in a MCT configuration.  This model is not mentioned here:  What I am interested in is setting up an alternative to vPCs which can be configured on Cisco Nexus switches.

Thanks for any insight

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Re: FastIron 6720 and MCT

6720 is VDX, not FastIron. ICX 6650, ICX 7750, and FSX chassis are the only switches in Fastiron family supporting MCT.

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Re: FastIron 6720 and MCT

You may want to use read through the NOS guide. The MCT functionality although good, is for NetIron devices. VDX running NOS is running ethernet fabric and can achieve/surpass HA goals that MCT has.


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