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Fabric OS versions supported with ISL on Fabric OS 7.1

I have an installation with Brocade FC switches:  IBM SAN40B running V6.4.1 connected via ISL to some older Brocade FC modules in an IBM H-Class chassis (SAN20B4).  The H-Class modules are running f/w 6.2.2d.  This appears to be the latest available.

Can I upgrade the newer 8Gb SAN40B switches to v7.2.1 without causing issues with the ISL to the 4Gb switches?  EG:  Is an ISL supported by Brocade going from 4Gb switch module (4020) running v6.2.2.d to SAN40B running V7.2.1 (Brocade 5100). 

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Re: Fabric OS versions supported with ISL on Fabric OS 7.1

You've posted your question in the wrong subforum, i've asked the moderators to move it.


IBM posts the release notes on its own pages, although 7.2.1a is mentioned the link is broken.


7.2.0d however is


4020 is mentioned as a supported platform against 6.2.2 and later. Prior releases mention QoS needs to be disabled is ISL-ed to the 16Gb Platform, which is not the case with your B5100

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