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FWS624G Link Aggregation Troubles


I have several devices that support 802.11ad..

I have one item Synology Rackstation that supports this on my other switches.

I have it plugged into port 20 and 22.

Within the CLI on the 624G I configure both ports and use the command link-aggregate active and it assigns both ports a key = 1

After I do that no device I have that supports this 802.11ad can establish a connection until I do link-aggregate off on the port.

I have searched the configuration manual and I'm at a loss.


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Re: FWS624G Link Aggregation Troubles

Have you looked at these and

Should give you what you need.



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Re: FWS624G Link Aggregation Troubles


Thanks for your help.

I have already read those and done what it has suggested multiple times without it helping.

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Re: FWS624G Link Aggregation Troubles

For anyone who runs into this issue.

The answer was this...

For the purpose of link aggregation, the ports on Brocade devices are grouped into pairs of two; one odd-numbered port, and the next even-numbered port. When you configure link aggregation on a port (for instance, on an odd-numbered port), this port will be blocked and unable to join a trunk group until you configure the adjacent port (the even-numbered port) as part of the aggregate link. When you configure both ports with link aggregation and assign both ports the same key, both ports are able to join a trunk group. Once the ports become part of a trunk group, they can transmit and receive LACP packets.

I happened to have my Synology plugged into Port 20 and Port 22. Brocade blocked Port 22. I moved it to Port 21 , configured the key and renabled and problem solved.

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Re: FWS624G Link Aggregation Troubles

Thanks for posting your solution.  Perhaps someone realized that the odd + even requirement was sufficiently odd to be worth fixing in newer firmware.   At least the FastIron 7.2.02 config guide, covering the FWS624G, claims support for "flexible trunk groups":

Port assignment on a module need not be consecutive. The port range can contain gaps. For example, you can configure ports 1, 3, and 4 (excluding 2). Refer to “Support for flexible trunk group membership” on page 528.

On our FCX core stack, 1/1/9 and 2/1/9 seem to be trunked OK to another stack....though it took a bit more futzing than I expected.


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