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FWS and FlowControl

Hello all.

According to the FastIron configuration guide and release notes the FastIron FWS only supports asymmetric flow control, which means:

it can receive and respond to flow control packets but can NOT generate them.

We had serveral times the following case with a FWS:

Port 0/1/28 Counters:

         InOctets              2473413           OutOctets             74547786

   InFlowCtrlPkts             15923389     OutFlowCtrlPkts               152323

We had many many incoming Flow Control packets on one port of the FWS, but we also have seen many many OUTGOING flow control packets on many other ports of this FWS.

Port 0/1/31 Counters:

         InOctets              1702725           OutOctets             11316101

   InFlowCtrlPkts                    4     OutFlowCtrlPkts               146342

This caused that all attached endstations have not been reachable.

But the main question is...... why is the FWS showing Outgoing flow control packets although the Brocade guides tell me that this is not supported!????

Flow control packets are destined to 0180c2000001 and are only "exchanged" between the direct attached neighbors for example PC and switch port.

Has anybody any ideas on this?

Thank you very much


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