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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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   Can anyone help us to configure LACP in FWS 624G switche to connect with Microsoft NLB servers.



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   To enable LACP  for two ports you would use the below.

Brocade(config)#interface ethernet 1/1

Brocade(config-if-e1000-1/1)#link-aggregate active

Brocade(config)#interface ethernet 1/2

Brocade(config-if-e1000-1/2)#link-aggregate active

For NBL you need to look at the below

Multi-port static MAC address

Many applications, such as Microsoft NLB, Juniper IPS, and Netscreen Firewall, use the same MAC address to announce load-balancing services. As a result, a switch must be able to learn the same MAC address on several ports. Multi-port static MAC allows you to statically configure a MAC address on multiple ports using a single command.

Configuration notes

  • This feature is applicable for Layer 2 traffic.
  • This feature can be used to configure unicast as well as IPv4 and IPv6 multicast MAC addresses on one or more ports. However, when a multicast MAC address is configured, the corresponding MAC address entry cannot be used for IGMP snooping. For IPv4 multicast addresses (range 0100.5e00.000 to 0100.5e7f.ffff) and IPv6 multicast addresses (range 3333.0000.0000 to 3333.ffff.ffff), use IGMP/MLD snooping. Other multicast addresses can also be configured on the ports using this feature.
  • FastIron devices support a maximum of 15 multi-port static MAC addresses.
  • Hosts or physical interfaces normally join multicast groups dynamically, but you can also statically configure a host or an interface to join a multicast group.

Configuring a multi-port static MAC address

For example, to add a static entry for a server with a MAC address of 0045.5563.67ff and a priority of 7, enter the following command.

Brocade(config)#static-mac-address 0045.5563.67ff ethernet 4/2 ethernet 4/3 ethernet 4/4 priority 7

To specify a range of ports, enter the following command.

Brocade(config)#static-mac-address 0045.5563.67ff ethernet 4/2 to 4/6 priority 7

Syntax: static-mac-address <mac-addr> ethernet <portnum> ethernet

<portnum> ethernet <portnum> ….


Syntax: static-mac-address <mac-addr> ethernet <portnum> to ethernet


The <slotnum> parameter is required on chassis devices.

The <portnum> parameter is a valid port number.

The priority <num> is optional and can be a value from 0 – 7 (0 is lowest priority and 7 is highest priority). The default priority is 0.



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