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FLS648 IPv6



 I got stuck with setting up IPV6. 

 Im using an FLS648:

Copyright (c) 1996-2010 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
UNIT 1: compiled on Jun 24 2013 at 03:29:36 labeled as FGSL07202j
(3182736 bytes) from Primary FGSL07202j.bin
SW: Version 07.2.02jT7e1
Boot-Monitor Image size = 416213, Version:05.0.00T7e5 (Fev2)
HW: Stackable FLS648
UNIT 1: SL 1: FLS-48G 48-port Management Module
Serial #: AN07190059
P-ENGINE 0: type D804, rev 01
P-ENGINE 1: type D804, rev 01
UNIT 1: SL 2: FLS-1XG 1-port 10G Module (1-XFP)
UNIT 1: SL 3: FLS-1XG 1-port 10G Module (1-XFP)
400 MHz Power PC processor 8248 (version 130/2014) 66 MHz bus
512 KB boot flash memory
30720 KB code flash memory
STACKID 1 system uptime is 13 minutes 22 seconds



I got  a vlan (3) for inet in and a vlan (4) for my servers. 


An interface in vlan 3 has both the public ipv4 and ipv6 address.

A VE on vlan 4 has my subnets address. 


I can ping the public IPv6 from the servers, but I find no way to specify a default route :(


Please help!


Thank you in advance!




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Re: FLS648 IPv6

Brocade FastIron devices can serve as management hosts on an IPv6 network. However, IPv6

routing functionality is not supported for these devices.


Brocade FastIron devices that support IPv6 may be used as management hosts. Interfaces on

these devices are configured with IPv6 addresses, but do not have full IPv6 routing enabled.



Full Layer 3 IPv6 feature support

The following IPv6 Layer 3 features are supported only with the IPv6 Layer 3 PROM, IPv6-series

hardware, and the full Layer 3 image:

IPv6 unicast routing (multicast routing is not supported)



IPv6 ICMP redirect messages

IPv6 route redistribution

IPv6 static routes

IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels in hardware

IPv6 Layer 3 forwarding


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