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FLS 648 layer 3 versus layer 2


we have an FLS stack running with layer 3 code. In the past this was necessary, however, due to recent expansions, the gateway now resides on other switches.

I wanted to investigate if there were benefits to rebooting into the layer 2 code. I can imagine this is lighter software for the stack and it would be able to handle more stp calculations etc.

However, I am unable to find the cons and pros of the different images. Has anyone else found any offical documentation regarding the differences (other than the Layer 3 features, or lack of in the layer 2 code).

Also, does anyone have any real world experience that could make for recommendaing either layer 2 or layer 3 code for a stack that is only involved in processing layer 2 traffic?


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Re: FLS 648 layer 3 versus layer 2


     As the layer 3 is done is hardware there is no advantage of dropping back to layer 2.  From a CPU point of view the switch without sFlow should be sitting at ~2% - you will see the same for the layer 2 code.  Also as you have tested the layer 3 and have stability I would say you should stay the way you are.   You never know when somebody comes along and asks you to do a layer 3 vlan that is only going to stay local to the switch  -this way you can do so if needed.

     The STP calc will not effect either code (l2 or l3) more then the other.

Hope that helps.



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