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FGS-648P OSPF Licensing

Hello All,


I have an FGS-648P-POE switch that I would like to run OSPF on and I am under the impression that FGSR07202m.bin is the firmware that needs to be loaded to enable the OSP functions.  

When I attempt to load the file, I get the following output


BR-telnet@DGR-Switch#copy tftp flash redacted.ip FGSR07202m.bin primary
BR-telnet@DGR-Switch#You cannot load Edge L3 code on this hardware. Please upgrade the license
File Type Check Failed

TFTP to Flash Error - code 8

A quick search tells me that I need to get the existing license however I do not have a `sh license` command available.



I have all of the appropriate BIN files but I am unsure how to proceed.  I cant find anything that looks like a license in the `sh tech`  output either.


Any suggestions?


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Re: FGS-648P OSPF Licensing

Per the Brocade FastIron GS and FastIron GS-STK Hardware Installation Guide, you need to order and install a new EEPROM that supports Edge Layer 3


I beleive the part number is listed below, not sure if it's still available




Edge Layer 3 software upgrade for the FGS648 PoE and non-PoE models, and the FLS648.

Edge Layer 3 includes IPv4 routing protocols RIPv1/v2 and OSPF.


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