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FESX448 Layer 3 upgrade

Ok, we've just received 50 layer 3 upgrades for our FESX448s and I'm getting ready to start the upgrade process. I've installed the first DIP chip and I can see the hardware when I do a show version:

SW: Version 04.3.00T3e1 Copyright (c) 1996-2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.
      Compiled on Nov 14 2008 at 16:10:49 labeled as SXS04300
      (2374753 bytes) from Primary SXS04300.bin
      BootROM: Version 04.0.00T3e5 (FEv2)
  HW: Stackable FESX448-PREM (PROM-TYPE FESX448-L3U)

but I'm do not see any routing type commands when I do a "config t". I've done a show flash and have the following:

Compressed Pri Code size = 2374753, Version 04.3.00T3e1 (SXS04300.bin)
Compressed Sec Code size = 2667614, Version 04.3.00T3e1 (SXL04300.bin)
Compressed BootROM Code size = 524288, Version 04.0.00T3e5
Code Flash Free Space = 3080192

If I understand correctly, the SXS04300 is the switch OS, but I do not know what the secondary code SXL04300 is. I've booted to it and I do see RIP and VRPP under config t -> router, but I'm not certain that this is the right OS. I've read the thread that talked about knowing if you are running layer 3 software and I saw mention of the routing software being SXRxxxxxx.bin. Am I correct in thinking that I need to download some other software from Brocade? I'm new to Brocade equipment and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: FESX448 Layer 3 upgrade

Ok, after speaking with one of my more informed colleagues I now have the correct software (SXR05100c.bin) and everything is running smooth.

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