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FESX-424 - PREMIUM - serial port

hi folks,

i think that my serial port have a problem. i configure exactly as show in manual (9600bps-8N1), but it doesn't work.

i have used usb-serial (DB9-RS232) conversor, that works with cisco, extreme and 3com, to connect from netbook to fastiron, but nothing happens.

how must i proceed ? i'm from Brazil, and seems that my country doesn't have a technical support for broadcade.

Does anybody knows how to revive  serial port ?

ps. sorry about my english



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Re: FESX-424 - PREMIUM - serial port

if you plug a PC into the serial port - as you stated 9600 8N1 and power off the switch or reboot if you have telnet/ssh access.

As the switch bootsdo you see anything in the terminal window?

There is no way that I know of to enable or disable the console port.

Please let me know - even if you see carbahe in the term window.

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Re: FESX-424 - PREMIUM - serial port

i found the solution in brocade forum.

mschipps, the problem was the cable, i just manufactured a straight-through serial cable according a fastiron manual, and works fine.

I tore down two serials cable, and welded two female db9, pin to pin, like a fastiron manual.

so, in this process i burned my own hands, but it's fine, i will survive...

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