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FES424HF and 100-fx

I have 5 FESX424HF switches. When I issue the "100-fx" command on ports, some ports will light with a 100Meg sfp others will not. All of the switches behave the same, and the ports that  do/don't work vary from switch to switch (some maybe half work, others, just a few work). All ports on all switches work with Gig SFPs. I don't have a lot of 100MBs to try, but I have some that are duplex and some that are BiDi pairs. All optics work in other devices. The same ports that light with the duplex optics also light with the BiDi and, as expected, the no-go ports are no-go with either as well. The other end (on a different model switch) always lights even when the 424HF end does not, and the port link-light on the Brocade flashes briefly then turns off if I disable/enable. There's nothing in the log or the "show tech" that seems to indicate anything. Working or not, "show media" returns the brand and serial # of the optic. When a port lights, the connection is rock solid. And just to be sure I have covered everything, I have like 10 of the duplex optics, all brand new (not Brocade branded) and several BiDi pairs, also right out of the box.

Any ideas? Anyone run into this? Do I need Brocade branded optics? Some hidden command to disable brand-chacking (I tried the "no transceiver-type-check" command that I use on my MLX boxes, its unrecognized).

OS version is 07.2.00aT3e2 and has a november, 2010 compile date.



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Re: FES424HF and 100-fx

I should also mention that these are singlemode SFPs.

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