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FCX624 Serial Connection not working



I need to assign an management IP address to a switch that I have just performed a hard reset on.  However the serial connection is not giving me anything.  I have tried the same thing on the other Brocade switches we have and I'm experiencing the same thing.   Just to prove it's not a driver issue or my computer, I consoled into other devices such as riverbed and had no problem.


Anyone else have this issue?


Thank you.

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Re: FCX624 Serial Connection not working

You didn't list the software you are using to connect, but if you are using Windows/PuTTy, you might check your serial settings and COM port #. I use:


Speed (baud): 9600

Data b its: 8

Stop bits: 1

Parity: None

Flow control: None


If this works on other devices, and no Brocade switches, I'm not sure what else it might be if not your settings. Also, I've not consoled into a Riverbed before, but on the Brocade equipment I have to hit Enter to start the scroll (might be any key, I just always use Enter).

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