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FCX624-E + FCX-4G - total GE ports


If I have FCX624-E and FCX-4G module installed how many total ports I have ? 24 or 28 ?

My goal is to have 28 total ports and I can have this use new ICX switches, but I'm unsure can also FCX give me same configuration ?

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Re: FCX624-E + FCX-4G - total GE ports


Check the FCX install guide:

FCX624-E and

FCX624-I devices

with optional

four-port 1 Gbps

SFP module

20 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45 ports, plus

4-port 1 Gbps SFP module (optional)

combined with the first four 10/100/1000

Mbps RJ45 copper ports (acting as a

Combo port).

Hope this helps


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Re: FCX624-E + FCX-4G - total GE ports

Hi jarek6,

     Karl is correct.

On the FCX624-E or I you have 24 copper ports.  If you add the optional 4 port SFP these become combo ports. the total does not go above 24 ports.

On the ICX 6610 you ahve 24 copper ports and 8 1G SFP ports - the SFP ports can e licensed upgraded in blocks of 4 ports to 10G ports.

Thus an ICX can be;

  * 24 copper with 8 x 1G SFP

  * 24 copper with 4 x 1G SFP and 4 x 10G

  * 24 copper with 8 x 10G

The ICX also included 4 x 40G ports but these are deadicated for stacking only.



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