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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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FCX - where can I see Pause Frame stats?

FCX - Where can I see Pause Frame info?

Can I get switch and/or port specific info?

I ran show stat eth 1/1/24 - but do not see anything re: pause frames.....


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Re: FCX - where can I see Pause Frame stats?

Hello Sparkis,

See page 45

#             config t

(config)#  symmetric-flow-control enable

(config)#  show buffer-profile active-profiles

(config)#  show symmetric-flow-control


FCX switches actively respond to “pause” frames received from hosts and also generate “pause” frames offering a backpressure mechanism when the receiving port (such as initiator) is not able to process data as fast as it is being sent to it.

Hope this helps



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Re: FCX - where can I see Pause Frame stats?

Hi sparkis,

     When using "show stat eth 1/1/24" you will see the below.

InFlowCtrlPkts                    0     OutFlowCtrlPkts                    0

In my case I do not have pause frames (flow control) enabled.

A "show int eth 1/1/24" will show if pause frames are enabled or disabled - e.g.

  Link Error Dampening is Disabled

  STP configured to ON, priority is level0, mac-learning is enabled

  Flow Control is config disabled, oper disabled

  Mirror disabled, Monitor disabled

  Not member of any active trunks

  Not member of any configured trunks

for all ports you could use "sh int eth 1/1/1 to 1/1/24 | i 1/1|Flow|Port"



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