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FCX Models

I can see from FAQ under the below link :

it is mentioned that FCX is for data centers , while FCX-S is for Campus

How come that switch with dedicated Stacking ports  ( FCX-S )  is for Campus while the one having no dedicated stacking ports ( FCX )  is for data center

having dedicated stacking ports means higher stack BW & so means higher performance ???  so i expected FCX-S to be the data center recommendations ?

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Re: FCX Models

The answer to your question can be found in the same pdf as you mention:

Q  How can stacking be utilized in a data center environment?

A  Stacking of Ethernet switches is most commonly found in wiring closets of enterprise

campus networks. Stacking functionality enables small form-factor switches to be linked

using short copper cables. The stack of switches then appears and behaves as a single 

logical switch, simplifying management. When a new switch joins the stack, it

automatically inherits the configuration of the stack without manual setup. 

Stacking switches at the edge of data center networks provides the same value as it

does in campus networks. The main difference is that the switches are not physically

stacked on top of each other. Instead, longer cables logically unify the switches at the

top of each server rack. For example, a row of top-of-rack switches can appear as a

single logical switch, significantly reducing management overhead of the data center

access layer.

So the length of the stack cable is the key.

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Re: FCX Models

Hi ,

     At the end of the day, you can use either FCX or FCX-S for DC or Campus, it just comes down to what you need.

E.G. using the FCX-S and stacking them using the 16Gpbs ports (two of them) gives 32 Gbps (or marketing speak 64 Gbps full duplex) but these are over CX copper cables (~10m).

However the FCX can be purchased with a 4 port 10G card using SFP+ (so can use fiber)

Choose the one that fits what you need as from a functional view (features) they are the same.



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