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FCX MRP issue - Model specific?

Very strange issue.  We are running FCX-648S switches connected to TI's in our data centers.  All are connected via MRP.  We have some FCX-648's that we were using in labs that I needed to deploy for extra TX ports in our Data Centers.  Try as I might, even using an existing FCX-648S config that's been appropriately modified, the TI ports never see incoming packets.  Thus, the units never participate in the ring.


Unfortunately, my spare FCX-648S-HPOE units do not have 10 GIG interfaces, so I cannot put them into the ring.


Ideas anyone?  We have rebooted all the equipment in question, changed ring numbers, etc.  Two different data centers, duplicatible issue in both.  It's a Layer-1 issue, since the TI's don't see traffic.


One site is a new ring, the other one I was breaking and expanding an existing ring.

All sites are running the same code, 7.4.0.  All Brocade SR GBICs.


Thanks for any ideas!


Dave R.

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Re: FCX MRP issue - Model specific?

Hi Dave,


When you say that the FCX-648 receive no incoming packets are they seeing no traffic at all i.e. are the interface counters not incrementing at all?  Or do you mean that they are not receiving any MRP RHPs? Are the interfaces showing fully up?




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Re: FCX MRP issue - Model specific?

Sorry about not responding sooner.  I forgot to tag the thread to e-mail me when someone replies.


The TI sends traffic, the FCX sees it.

The FCX sends traffic, the TI has zeros for statistics inbound.

Interfaces are up/up, and the FCX says it is forwarding on MRP ring.

The TI says forwarding on FRP ring as well.  No ports are blocked.


Our FCX-648S units are participating just fine in our various rings, it is just the non-S units that are not working.


Dave R.

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