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FCX Configuration of Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phones

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Configure FCX PoE (or other FastIron switches) using Avaya VoIP phones.

The example below is of an FCX edge port configuration that is in production for Avaya phones.

interface ethernet 1/1/5
dual-mode  21
spanning-tree 802-1w admin-edge-port
inline power
voice-vlan 29


lldp run
lldp tagged-packets process
lldp med location-id civic-address refers-to client country US elem 1 CA elem 3

"San Jose" elem 6 "123 Any Street" elem 11 95110 elem 27 4 ports all

lldp med network-policy application voice tagged vlan 28 priority 5 dscp 46

ports all
lldp advertise vlan-name vlan 29 ports all


vlan 29 name Voice by port

Avaya IP phones work differently depending on many things including the model, the firmware, the Avaya system architecture, etc. In general, the above configuration works very well for Avaya phones. It causes 96xx-series phones to immediately find the correct VLAN and tag both frames and packets such that they receive precedence (QoS) through the FCX and through the network--if it is configured to do so. Other useful information such as handset model and filename of the running code can be determined by running show lldp neighbor detail on the FCX. The civic address information can be used for proper E911 handling to the PSAP.

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Is it a typo in the LLDP config that says VLAN28, instead of the voice vlan of 29 ?


"lldp med network-policy application voice tagged vlan 28 "