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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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FCX - CPU Issues with PBR

Running an FCX stack of 2 switches, firmware.

Quite a simple config, 16 virtual interfaces with ip policy route-map with 3 entries that matches traffic to one of 3 standard access-lists and routes to one of 3 gateways.

The switch is handling less than 1 GB of traffic throughput, however CPU usage is very high, averaging 75% and frequently spiking into the 90s, occasionally pegging at 99% for short periods.

doing a 'show processes cpu' does not tally, everything is idle except IP which sits between 20-25%.

The CPU load is real as we do occasionally lose packets and suffer degraded performance when the CPU hits 99%. PBR is the only feature we are using, all advanced routing features are off, no other access-lists applied, sflow disabled, very plain config otherwise.

I realize is quite old, I will certainly be upgrading. Is there any thought to whether this will help or is PBR really sucha terrible memory hog? Also how can I get accurate CPU usage accounting since the process table is not showing me what is actually eating the CPU?

Thanks for any help!

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Re: FCX - CPU Issues with PBR

Upgrading to has completely cleared up our problems. Swicth now runs at no more than 1% CPU utilization even during peak periods. What a difference!

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Re: FCX - CPU Issues with PBR

Hi prae,

     Yes, there was a bug in the code re CPU (in general) and also spec to PBR. 7.3.00 is the support fix for the PBR issue (check the release notes).



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