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FCX-648 Will not Recognize FCX-4G Module (4x1G SFP)

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I have a new FCX-648 with a new FCX-4G module (4x1G SFP) and the switch will not recognize the module. I have grz10100 boot code and FCXR0810m images installed in both the primary and secondary flash. There is no configuration on the switch. Multiple reloads have not fixed the issue. I also tried the module in a new FCX-624 - no good.  I then tried a different module (new) in both - no good.  I searched to see if it might be a licensing issue, but couldn't find anything. I verified the specs per Brocade documentation and everything looks good.  I feel like I am missing something obvious?!  Everything else checks out. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!







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Re: FCX-648 Will not Recognize FCX-4G Module (4x1G SFP)

**I wanted to add an update for anyone who might have a similar issue and come across this post**


Apparently these modules are 'combo' ports and unfortunately, there are no LED indicators on the switch or the module to indicate that it is functioning. <sh mod> does not indicate it recognizes anything is installed, <sh int br> does not indicate anything, BUT, the module ports CAN be configured as ports 1/1/1 - 1/1/4 -  <sh media> will indicate the correct transceiver, and they will pass traffic.

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