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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Equipment with 4 and 8 GBit/s (appropriate decision)


the Background:

- SAN-Switches can run 4 or 8 GBit/s
- Server is connected to the Switches via 4 GBit/s (can only run 4)
- Storage Systems can run 4 or 8 GBit/s

My question is, what is the appropriate decision for the speed from Switches to the Storage Systems?
I can set 4 or 8 GBit/s. What is better?

Thanks for help!

Regards, Hans

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Re: Equipment with 4 and 8 GBit/s (appropriate decision)

We have this in our environment and it works fine. This is not the gurantee that it works best in every environment.

You have to make sure that your queueing on the server is OK and the server will not be overloaded by the array.

I hope this helps,


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