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Enabling SNMP on NetIron CER

So what is the special secret to allow snmp polling on a NetIron CER?  Typically on Brocade/Foundry switches its just "snmp-server community <string> ro" and that is what the config guide shows as well.  For some reason I can not get snmp requests on the NetIron CER to return.  This should be pretty dead simple.

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Re: Enabling SNMP on NetIron CER

Yes, it is simple, I have configured here some CER with snmp running.


snmp-server community ..... ro


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Re: Enabling SNMP on NetIron CER

Keep in mind, on these devices you need to to enable the SNMP server. There is an additional configuration step compared to normal Brocade switches.




Check this by doing a show snmp server and look for "Status: Enabled"


Simple, but easy to miss.

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