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Enabling PoE? (ICX6610)

As the post above states, we have multiple Brocade ICX6610's. We are hoping to run Access Points directly from the switch itself. I found that the switch provides enough power to run each AP, but I was wondering if I have to ENABLE the Power of Ethernet feature? Or is it enabled by default?


Thanks everyone.

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Re: Enabling PoE? (ICX6610)



-->>...we have multiple Brocade ICX6610's


there are several Models of 6610.


please refer the FAQ Attached to identify if you switch is PoE Cabable.

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Re: Enabling PoE? (ICX6610)

Assuming you have an ICX6610 that is POE enabled, you can enable power on individual ports


int e X/1/Y    (X is the switch ID in the stack, y is the port)

inline power


or a range of ports such as


int e 1/1/1 to 1/1/48

inline power


I would also make sure at a global configuration level that you have the following enabled


fdp run                      (this enables discovery of other Brocade products)

lldp run                     (this enables discovery of many products and can make power negotiation better)

cdp run                     (this enables discovery of Cisco discovery protocol if you have Cisco AP's)

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