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Dot1x Dynamic Vlan Assignment over L3VPN

Hi Everyone,


I have a customer who uses 802.1x authentication over L3VPN. Enterasys is currently installed on the network and they use a radius server which asks user info to Active Directory. 


Now i'm trying to implement brocade ICX7250 switches. Before I tried the radius config with dynamic vlan assignment, I set up a lab environment in my office and I was able to authenticate users successfully. I used Aruba Clearpass as radius server and Microsoft Active Directory which was already installed on the network.


I tried the same configuration on customer's network but no luck. I tried many possible configuration changes as much as I can. However couln't find a workaround. 


Customer's radius server is located on hq and users are located at braches. Customer use L3VPN to give access users to radius server. 


Please find my config below 


I'd appreciate if you can help me with some thoughts.


Thank you




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