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Does MCT with AIX Servers work?

Has anybody been able to get MCT (MLXe 5.2D) to work with AIX servers (IBM P750, AIX 7100-00-03-1115). I get the LACP-BLOCKED error when I do a show interface. Is there any special config to get this to work?

Here is my config (What I think is relivent), same config on both MLXe's.

lag "Server-Drw-1-C2-T1" dynamic id 34

ports ethernet 13/2

primary-port 13/2

lacp-timeout long


port-name "Server-Drw-1-C2-T1" ethernet 13/2

cluster CNS-Cluster 1

  client Server-Drw-1-C2-T1

  rbridge-id 134

  client-interface ethernet 13/2


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Re: Does MCT with AIX Servers work?

Hi rtillman,

We have taken a look at this over here and thus far nothing has jumped out at us.  We are continuing to research this however.  If you have any other additional insights or observations which you think may be helpful, please let us know.

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Re: Does MCT with AIX Servers work?


Without knowing more about your configuration it is difficult to determine why you are getting the LACP-BLOCKED error. There are several different issues that may cause this. I've attached a document "Implementing Muti-Chassis Trunking on Brocade NetIron Platforms" which may provide some insight. i would recommend reviewing this.

Below are a couple notes from this doc that may be related:

Note: if client interfaces need to be configured as LAG interface then only the primary port of the LAG needs to be specified in the client configuration.

Note: In some cases for client hosts , for example HP Servers directly connected through LAG to MCT switches MLX1 and MLX2 as shown in Figure 12, it is required to have unique client-interface ports for.

Let me know if this helps.



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