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Does FCX Support ACL Outbound?



I need to configure an ACL Outbound in a FCX for QOS purposes. Which versions are not capable of performing this?



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Re: Does FCX Support ACL Outbound?

Hi rquinones,

    Inbound and Outbound ACL's are supported for the FCX range.  See chapter 40 of the Config guide (7.4) called Rule-Based IP ACLs.


Extended numbered ACL syntax
Syntax: [no] access-list <ACL-num> deny | permit <ip-protocol> <source-ip> | <hostname>
<wildcard> [<operator> <source-tcp/udp-port>] <destination-ip> | <hostname>
[<icmp-num> | <icmp-type>] <wildcard> [<tcp/udp comparison operator>
<destination-tcp/udp-port>] [802.1p-priority-matching <0 –7>] [dscp-cos-mapping ]
[dscp-marking <0-63> [802.1p-priority-marking <0 –7>... | dscp-cos-mapping]]
[dscp-matching <0-63>] [log] [precedence <name> | <0 – 7>] [tos <0 – 63> | <name>]
[traffic policy <name>]

Syntax: [no] access-list <ACL-num> deny | permit host <ip-protocol> any any


Syntax: [no] ip access-group <ACL-num> in | out





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