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Disable some traps...

Hi all,

I have brocade Fastiron FCX624S and I'm trying to disable one trap(for example).

I know that with the no snmp-server enable traps XXXX can disable one of the traps enable by default.

But, how can I disable, for example, the trap generated when I leave or I enter in the enable mode?

Can you help me? I have tryed to disable "Authentication" but the trap arrives...

                   Cold start: Enable
                      Link up: Enable
                    Link down: Enable
               Authentication: Enable
           MAC Authentication: Enable
     Locked address violation: Enable
         Power supply failure: Enable
                  Fan failure: Enable
                   Metro ring: Enable
              Module inserted: Enable
               Module removed: Enable
          Temperature warning: Enable
                 STP new root: Enable
          STP topology change: Enable
                         ospf: Enable
                          bgp: Enable
                         vrrp: Enable
                        vrrpe: Enable
                         vsrp: Enable
                Holddown time: 60


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Re: Disable some traps...

Hi evargas,

     Here you go.


Disabling the Syslog messages and traps

Logging of CLI access is enabled by default. If you want to disable the logging, enter the following


Brocade(config)# no logging enable user-login

Brocade(config)# write memory

Brocade(config)# end

Brocade# reload

Syntax: logging enable user-login



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Re: Disable some traps...


The trap about the loggin of the users It was only an example....Another example:

I don't want to receive any traps of OSPF.. This it's easy, I put the command #no snmp-server enable traps ospf and I not receive any trap about OSPF.

But, I don't wan to receive any traps when the running config was changed... How can I do this?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry I do not know of anyway to disable the logging of a config change.  Are these trap going to a NMS?  If so can oyu not filter at that point and only create alerts for the trap you do want?  I would think it would be best to send all traps to the NMS (so you have a record) and just set alerts on what you want.



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Re: Disable some traps...

Hi mschipp,

I deleted the post after your answer to try to find more information.

So, I  think like you but I was not sure... I think that you can disable some traps, in global mode and all the rest you need to filter it in the NMS server...

Thanks for your help ¡¡

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