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Different behaviour between L2- and L3-Code on ICX6650



a customer is experience packet loss between 2x vlans when he routes the trafiic over a firewall on an ICX6650 with L2 code (SW-Vers. 0801c). When he loads the L3-Code he doesn´t see any packet loss anymore.


Does anybody know what could cause the difference ?





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Re: Different behaviour between L2- and L3-Code on ICX6650

Hi Alexander,


In your customer's scenarios, with bridge code, the firewall is doing the inter-VLAN routing while with router code on ICX6650, the ICX6650 is rounting between the 2 VLANS. 


To understand the packet loss and correct the situation, you need to know where the loss is happening.

Packet capture at ingress and egress will help to identify whether the loss is at the source or the destination, whether the outbound trafficof ICMP request  is an issue or the ICMP echo reply is an issue. or the delay/loss is occurring at the FireWall.




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