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Deploying ICX7250 stacks in a Bradford controlled network.

I'm currently replacing old 3Com/HP switches with new Brocade ICX 7250's. Bradford Networks in doing network authentication and auto vlan assignments with the old 3Com switches. I have Bradford and Brocade switches communicating via snmp (i see my copper Ethernet port my pc is plugged into go from admin-disable and admin-enable) but the untag vlan will not change based on my credentials. Any ideas?

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Re: Deploying ICX7250 stacks in a Bradford controlled network.

Hi @mburkholder,


While we still encourage the community to assist with your post, I wanted to let you know that we have started a pilot program with TAC to help with some of the questions being asked and yours has been handed off to our TAC technicians. They will be reaching out to you shortly to gather some more information regarding your hardware/software so we can get you in touch with the correct group . I encourage you to continue to post in the community and let me know if there is any way I can help. Once your post is resolved, we will make sure to post the resolution back to the community to help other members.


You can find out more about the program by clicking the image below:


TAC Engaged.png

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Re: Deploying ICX7250 stacks in a Bradford controlled network.

Hello @mburkholder


We looked at your closed TAC case and see that the issue was due to a third party – Bradford Controlled Network – and that they wrote a patch for their code version to support Brocade switches. We’re glad that your issue has been resolved!


Thank you,


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