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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Deleting VLANs from entire network.

I am romoving a VLAN from our network by using BNA to view VLAN topology and expanding the list of devices for the target VLAN, loging in to each device and doing a "no vlan..." command.  Is there a quicker way to remove the VLAN from the whole network?  I think in Cisco there is a function where a device acts as a server for the VLAN setup and all other devices play the role of the client and get their VLAN info from that server.

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Re: Deleting VLANs from entire network.



I believe the Cisco feature you are referring to is Vlan Trunking Protocol (VTP) which a lot of people avoid due to the risks associated with any mistakes problems being propogated through all switches in the network.


Brocade do not have an equivalent protocoal for centralised VLAN management


There are some centralised management solutions such as Logical Chassis for the Brocade VDX and Campus Fabric for the Brocade ICX but these are centarlised configuration solution for multiple devices rather than simply protocol to distribute VLAN configurations.


Hope this helps




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Re: Deleting VLANs from entire network.

Yes, thank you.  That makes sense.  I appreciate the reply.

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Re: Deleting VLANs from entire network.

We use "WhatsUpGold" and the WhatsConfigured addon for switch management. One of its features is the ability to run commands on all switches (it telnets into each one and runs whatever command you specify) and we use it to pull the run config weekly (and compare against standard) as well as things like changing the passwords when an admin leaves. It could easily be used to do a "No VLAN 10" command on each switch, then check to see if it really worked.


I don't know if the Brocade Network Management software can do that but I am guessing other management packages have similar functionality.



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