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DHCPv6 Questions

I am trying to configure DHCPv6 on my network through my MLX.  I currently have the Managed Flag as well as the Other flag set on the VE facing the customer.  The problem that i am having is the RA is still allocating an IP Address to the Client machine.  I would like to remove the stateless auto configuration from the VE.

I have been having a bear of a time getting this setup and working properly also.  I have my DHCPv6 Server on subnet 2001:xxxx:7xx4:1::  I am trying to hand out IP Addresses to subnet 2001:xxxx:7xx4::  on the VE facing the customer I have set ipv6 dhcp-relay-dest to the DHCP Server.  I can monitor the link and see the solicit from the client I also get an advertise back from the server.  In the advertise back it provides all of the information required however the Windows 7 client will not set any of that information it assigns the SLAAC information from the RA.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup?  If so were is my configuration error?

Thank You


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