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Corrupted Firmware Image on FSX (FastIron SuperX)


I've got a crude situation. I'm leading a university network in the far east for around 10.000 users.

A couple of months ago the firmware image of one of our sponsored FSX systems corrupted.

Unfortunately, without that system I won't be able to operate one of our racks and nor to train our on the job students.

Since the systems have been given to us by a company in the U.S. there's no chance on support.

I've been already asking the Brocade office in Malaysia for help but ain't got any response so far.

I hate thinking about the idea of having to trash the box facing the fact that we're low on budget 24/7/365...

It's against policy, I know but maybe someone (ops?) can help me out with a recent layer 3 base image (05.00.0f)?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Corrupted Firmware Image on FSX (FastIron SuperX)

Hi  jdb,

     Have you looked at the secondary flash?  If you console in and press B during boot up (will need somebody else to pull the power cords and reinsert)  you should be able to make the system boot from the other flash image.



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