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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Core Switch Type

i cann't Tottaly differentiate when to use : Fastiron SX   , BigIron RX  or NetIron MLX

all are core switches , for example if i want to aggregate a layer of ICX switches to a Core layer , which Model shall i use ?

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Re: Core Switch Type

Hi vmagdy,

   This question should be asked in the Ethernet Switches and Routers forum.  However to give you a quick answer.

Fastiron SX is campus core (no MPLS, smaller routing table{can do 1M IPv4 routes in hardware}, no 40G or 100G line cards)

MLXe is  for larger requirements (adds MPLS 40/100 G line cards and larger route table and high backplane in the chassis)

BigIron RX - not really used any more due to 2 byte AS number hardware limit but was/is like the MLX without MPLS and max 16 port 10G line cards - no 40 or 100.



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