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Connecting a pair of icx 6450s to each other and to cisco switch

I have a trunk port ready on my cisco switch for new link to a pair of icx 6450s to be daisy chained by e1/1/48 to each other. And the icx connecting to cisco may use e1/1/47 to connect to the cisco trunk port. I have this config on cisco side:

Switchport mode trunk
Native vlan 200
allowed vlan 100, 200

Now I need to connect one of the 6450s to this port, then from the first 6450 to the next one through trunk/tagged port. And need to have one IP cofigured for managment on each brocade on management vlan. I don't seems to understand the brocade language on this type of connection and can't make it work. Been reading documents and forum postas but nothing seems to work for me.
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Re: Connecting a pair of icx 6450s to each other and to cisco switch

it is quite uncommon to use native VLANs on a switch to switch trunk... better sending the data with a VLAN tag...



Regardless, your request to work with the Cisco port you specified:


vlan 100 name something by port

 tagged ethe 1/1/47


vlan 200 name else by port

 tagged ethe 1/1/47



interface etherbet 1/1/47

 dual-mode 200






That said, I would remove the dual-mode and the native vlan statements such that both VLAN 100 and VLAN 200 cross that link between the switches with an 802.1q tag intact.


If you then need to deliver a VLAN to a computer, server, printer, etc... your Native VLAN or Dual-Mode statement will do that for the specified VLAN where if that interface will send/receive for the other VLAN(s) with the tag in-tact.



As for 1/1/48 just add it "tagged" on both VLANs on both switches and connect 1/1/48 to 1/1/48 and it will trunk those VLANS into the oher Brocade switch.



Should you wish to only deliver an Access Port on the Brocade, you would use the "untagged" keyword to make that interface to VLAN assignment.


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