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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Connecting a new switch



Is there a guide to connecting a new brocade switch via fiber? We have 3rd party support engineers who aren't really helping. I just need to know the commands to get the new switch talking. At the moment, no lights can be seen where the fiber plugs in on either end, but using my phone camera I can see there is a signal on the fiber. I guess I need to copy the config for one port on the core switch to this new one? 



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Re: Connecting a new switch


It should be relatively straightforward to get a link light on the switches.  Make sure the ports are enabled and make sure the SFP optics are the same flavour and you are using the correct patch cables.  Depending on the switch and the speed of connection there may not be any configuration required.

It would help if you could provide more detail about the switches that you are trying to connect.  Are they 10GbE or 1GbE ports, what optics do you have?

The hardware installation guides cover connecting devices together.  These guides are available within the appropriate product pages at - look for the document libraries.


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