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Connecting Brocade 300 to Brocade 7750 via Ethernet

I have two Brocade 300 FC switches and two Brocade 7750 Ethernet switches. I'm trying to connect the ethernet ports of the 300's to the 7750's in order to manage them through the network. However, when I plug the cables in the link lights will not come on and the 300's show "no link". I can plug the ethernet ports into other switches, using the same cables, and they work fine. I can also plug other devices, again with the same cables, into the 7750's and the ports light up. Am I missing something? Is there a configuration I have to make on the 300's in order to get them to work with the 7750's? I am at a total loss as to why this is occurring.


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Re: Connecting Brocade 300 to Brocade 7750 via Ethernet

Brocade ICX 7750 Port's ( depend of model ) support 1/10G and 40G


the Ethernet Port on Brocade 300 is 100mbit Eth


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