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Connecting 2 ICX 6450 via SFP

Hi.  I'm new to Brocade and have to connect 2 ICX 6450P's via fiber link. 

Unit 1 has a production configuration, GBIC in 1/2/2.  Unit 2 is a 4 unit stack, new configuration (we're moving offices next door), GBIC in stack unit 1/2/2 and needs to talk to Unit 1. 


Both are configured for 1000 fdx master.


its a simple configuration issue I'm certain.

Everything appears to be connected properly and the link lights up successfully but not traffic is passing.


Any thoughts?



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Re: Connecting 2 ICX 6450 via SFP



There are many factors at play. Can you please paste or upload your config so I can review it?



Jonathon Lorek
Brocade Systems Engineer - Great Lakes Region

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