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Configuring basic QoS for Voice Vlan

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I'm new to QoS setup - but here's my scenario:


We've got a deployment of Voice devices, spanning multiple brocade switches.  All ports are dual mode - with the primary VLAN being the data vlan.  The other VLAN attached is the Voice Vlan (60).


I've set the "voice-vlan" option on all ports to also be 60 ... the phones work fine, they get the correct IP.  We are seeing a bit of a delay though on some phone features (intercom) - that the vendor is now saying may be QoS related.


Can anyone share a high level overview of setting up QoS for a VLAN to address that concern?  I'm not using LLDP, mainly because i'm not comfortable in setting it up ... but maybe that's the way to go as well?


Thanks in advance


(core = ICX 6450s / edge = ICX 6610s)

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