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Configuring SNMP

     Hi - Is there a good place to see steps for configuring SNMP on switches ?  San switches and Brocade Directors are my interest.


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Re: Configuring SNMP


first of all google is a good place. Brocade offers a SNMP mib reference guide to each FOS version. This is a good starting point.

SNMP traps will be send from the directors/switches under specific conditions to a network management station. THis is the so called trap receiver.

You can query from a server or workstation with command like snmpget or snmpwalk the complete MIB table of the switches. This is not an active task from the switch it is started from the workstation. You can get infromation like frames receive or portnames or NS information from the SNMP queries.

Some FOS releases had a SNMP memory leak.

I hope this helps. If you are happy with this answer mark it as answered. If you need further infos give me a note.


PS: This thread is in the wrong forum..

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