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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Configuring LACP with other vendor switches


I have 2 test switches and I'm trying to establish a LACP connection  (Etherchannel in Cisco world), in one end I have a NETIRON  and in the other end an Extreme BlackDiamond.

According Netiron user's manual, I configured the LACP link, (the other side -Extreme's side- is well configured), but I get an LACP-BLOCKED port error when I deploy the lag.

Does anybody have some experience  Configuring LACP connections with other vendor switches?

I would appreciate your help.


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Re: Configuring LACP with other vendor switches

example of Brocade and juniper hi slayer3x,

     please see for  Brocade and Juniper LAG config.

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