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Configure DR for PIM

Anyone familiar with how to configure the DR priority for an  interface? I have a mixed environment and am finding that while I can  configure the priority on another vendors device and affect the DR  election, none of the brocade devices see the other vendors device as  the DR, they only see the brocade device as the DR (it has the highest  IP on the network).


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Re: Configure DR for PIM

following information from Netiron MLX configuration guide.

Configuring a DR priority
The DR priority option lets you give preference to a particular device in the DR election process by
assigning it a numerically higher DR priority. This value can be set for IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces. To
set a DR priority higher than the default value of 1, use the ip pim dr-priority command as shown:
For IPv4.
NetIron(config-if-e10000-3/24)# ip pim dr-priority 50
For IPv6.
NetIron(config-if-e10000-3/24)# ipv6 pim dr-priority 50
Syntax: ip pim dr-priority <priority-value>
Syntax: ipv6 pim dr-priority <priority-value>
The <priority-value> variable is the value that you want to set for the DR priority. Optional values
are: 0 - 65535. The default value is 1.
The no option removes the command and sets the DR priority back to the default value of 1.
The following information may be useful for troubleshooting.
1. If more than one device has the same DR priority on a subnet (as in the case of default DR
priority on all), the device with the numerically highest IP address on that subnet is elected as
the DR.
2. The DR priority information is used in the DR election ONLY IF ALL the PIM devices connected
to the subnet support the DR priority option. If there is at least one PIM device on the subnet
that does not support this option, then the DR election falls back to the backwards
compatibility mode in which the device with the numerically highest IP address on the subnet
is declared the DR regardless of the DR priority values.

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