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Configuration on MCT switch

i have some question about MCT.. we have two MLX-16 in MCT.


1) It required configuration on both switches like hostname, banner,  vlan, interface vlan etc?

2) MCT switch work like stack switchs?

3) it required only one IP addres for interface vlan or three diffrent IP as like VRRP, HSRP, GLBP




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Re: Configuration on MCT switch

MCT is no stacking technology which means that both Router have to be configured separately!

With MCT you can enable on a per port basis on both routers which Ports can form a L2 link aggregation to the "outside word" which means that switches physicaly connected to both Router can do this via a common LAG using LACP.

As MCT is a port based technology other ports not configured for MCT can be used in a normal way.

This makes this technology extremely flexible - especially when migrating from an active-standby network (typically using STP) to an active-active network (based on LACP) step by step.

I would highly encourage you to consult the product manuals for further details about MCT which can be found on our homepage!

Last but not least a short config snip how MCT is configured on an MLX router:


cluster MCT1-MLX1-MLX2 1
 rbridge-id 1
 session-vlan 222
 keep-alive-vlan 220
 member-vlan 10
 member-vlan 100 to 102
 member-vlan 200 to 202
 icl ICL-to-MLX2 ethernet 3/1
 peer rbridge-id 2 icl ICL-to-MLX2
 client Switch1
  rbridge-id 100
  client-interface ethernet 1/4
 client Switch2
  rbridge-id 101
  client-interface ethernet 1/3


Please be aware that VLANs, VEs, VRRPe etc. have to be correctly configured on both MLX routers separately as these parameters are no part of the MCT configuration.

If you are looking for an auto config sync solution you may have a closer look at Brocade stacking or VCS technology, where one virtual IP address can be used to configure a bunch of systems with only one command.


Hope this helps and kind regards!


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