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Configbackup via scp


I'm quiet desperate with this issue and i hope someone can help me. I have severall FastIron Switch active in my backbone and i want to backup the config to an unix-server.

I have an pretty old server running debian 4 where following syntax works just fine:

     scp <USER>@<IP-ADRESS>:runconfig ./<DESTINATION>

Unfortunatelly the server has several problems with his storage so i want to backup the config on an new server running debian 6.

Using the above syntax i only get following error:

     Wrong file name is specified

     lost connection

I tried this with a lot of debian 6 installations - no one works.

Could you give me an advise?

Thanks & Regard

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Re: Configbackup via scp


About the only thing I could find was

"An SCP AES copy of the running or start configuration file from the Brocade device to Linux WS 4 or 5 may fail if the configuration size is less than 700 bytes. To work around this issue, use PuTTY to copy the file."

Suggest you test and change the encryption Ciphers on your ssh_config file or try another SCP client



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