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Concerns with new ICX FCX IOS

We are required to upgrade the IOS pretty much as soon as new ones come out. I have version 8030H running now, and I have to say, the "enhancements" are awful. First of all, the comand "show Interface brief" doesn't display the active VLANs anymore. But the worst of it is in regard to authentication on ports. The new IOS moves ports from simply "untagged" to "MAC-VLAN-Ports" if authentication (either MAC authentication or DOT1X) is enabled. And we;ve discovered (the hard way) that to add authentication or remove it from ports, we have to do them one port at a time - no more running commands to a group or range of ports.  I had one port today in which the device failed MAC authentication, so until we got the machine fixed in RADIUS, I took mac authentication off of it - and it immediately reverted to the default VLAN 1. It's good I was paying attention. This new IOS is just terrible.


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