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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Command to know the ports connected between the switches

My network is as follows:-

There are cascaded switches (both FasIron FCS624S series) as the core switch. This is connected to 4 other FasIron Edge GS 624P-POE switches from where the users gets connection to thier seat ports.

Now one of the EDGE switch is not connected to the core switch which is connected to other EDGE switch which makes the network in that area so hectic.

My question is how I can find the ethernet port where the both EDGE switch got connected. What isthe command which will give me the details about the connection between the switches and the core switch.

I already pulled a fiber cable to make a direct connection from this switch to the core switch. Before establishing the connection I need to disconnect the connection between the switches. I can see physcally cables connected each other ( not good visibilty - on the roof ) but it doesnt match with record I got from previous admin.

So a command to know the connectivity between the switches will be hekpful for me to settle the matter

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Re: Command to know the ports connected between the switches

This sounds like exactly the situation that LLDP exists for.  I'm not sure of the support on the specific versions of gear that you have.  Once you have LLDP running on all your gear, "show lldp neighbor" will show you what (that is running LLDP) is on the other end of the ports on the device.

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Re: Command to know the ports connected between the switches

Show fdp neighbor

This assumes that FDP (Foundry Discovery Protocol) is enabled on all devices.

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Re: Command to know the ports connected between the switches


     As has suggested, use LLDP as this is a standard (cross vendor) way of getting this info.  You can also put LLDP on clients and workstations (hanewin LLDP agent for windows as Windows does not ship with an LLDP agent).


Sswtich(config-if-e1000-1/1/15)#sh lldp neighbors

Lcl Port      Chassis ID      Port ID              Port Description                 System Name

1/1/8          S4RJheha       6cf0.4971.a9abc  Realtek RTL8168D/8111D~ MAS-WIN7


The above is showing my Windows 7 PC connecting to switch port 1/1/8 - you will see something simular with another switch connected running LLDP.



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