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Coming from a Cisco background

I am coming from a cisco background having never touched a brocade device ever. I would like to learn more about them and was wondering what things are out there to learn? If physical hardware is the way to go what is a good low cost device to buy on ebay to start learning with? Also does Brocade offer any virtual appliances for free, but limited to speeds like the CSR1000v from Cisco that i can run in ESXi?


How does brocade datacenter technologies differ from cisco datacenter technologies? What brocade device is like a nexus, does brocade for FCoE? vPC? what are some similar features between the two?

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Re: Coming from a Cisco background



if you like more info on brocade, and its feature, i can ask one of our sales engineer to work with you, and they can give you some material...and other info.


what city / state / zip code are you in?


please let me know, and i can try to find you a SE to help you with brocade queries....

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Re: Coming from a Cisco background

We also have a free training class, through March 31st, which you can read about here and also comes with a free attempt at our BCNE certification. It is designed for Cisco professionals, and goes over the differences between the two CLIs, as well as covers some Brocade product information. The class is self-paced and the course code is CNE 250-WBT.

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Re: Coming from a Cisco background

I am the corporate SE for Brocade. I can answer all your questions. Please send me an email to <>.




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